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Spun Cotton Shapes – 500 piece Variety Pack

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Spunnys ultimate variety pack – a selection of 500 spun cotton shapes, meticulously and thoughtfully handpicked by SPUNNYS website owner Nicolas Cocquerelle.

Save money with this bundle compared to buying the shapes individually.


I put a lot of attention into this variety pack. My goal for this bundle was to give customers, both familiar and unfamiliar with spun cotton shapes, an assortment that would enable them to truly experience the  joy of  crafting with spun cotton shapes. To this end, I made my selection with the following in mind:

• VERSATILITY. Some shapes are more versatile than others. I wanted the shapes in this bundle to be very versatile. Every shape within this bundle can be used for a wide variety of projects.

• INTERESTINGNESS. I also wanted special and unique shapes. For example balls are extremely versatile. They have their place in this bundle but they are also common. This is why I selected shapes like the eggman figurines, which are both versatile and interesting (and among my personal favorites).

• COMPLETENESS. Last, I wanted a bundle that includes all the shapes one would need to create anything. While this is of course virtually impossible, I still wanted to get as close to this goal as possible. With this assortment of shapes, I believe that one will be able to re-create over 80% of the project ideas showcased on this website.

Nicolas Cocquerelle


SPUNNYS spun cotton shapes variety pack includes: 


  • 20 ø 45mm balls. Spun cotton balls are SPUNNYS best sellers. We sell more balls than all other shapes combined. And for good reasons: spun cotton balls are very useful shapes. To be prepared for almost any projects, we recommend having at least 4 sizes of balls in stock: one large, one medium, one small, and one extra small. For the large category, we like the 45mm balls. They are not too big, not too small, and they are fairly priced. We have used them for many of our projects. They also work great in combination with other balls. For example, one can build a simple snowman figurine by gluing together one 45mm ball (the body), one 30mm ball (the head) , and two 15mm balls (the hands)
  • 60 ø 30mm balls. The ø 30 ball is a great all around, versatile size ball. It is the perfect size to make vintage style doll heads or fabric covered bead necklaces.
  • 100 ø 15mm balls. Another very useful size. Great to make jewelry, beads, miniature berries…
  • 100 ø 10mm balls. A tiny size, which is always good to have in stock. This size can be used for many projects: paper flowers, pipe cleaner animals, or miniature berries. Or paint them red and make reindeer noses that can be glued on almost anything :)
  • 50 mushrooms 30mm tall x ø 25mm cap. Mushrooms instantly create an enchanted ambiance. We love them. And we think this specific size is one of the loveliest.
spun cotton shapes variety pack

30mm tall x ø 25mm cap mushroom

  • 20 eggs 42mm tall. This size egg has nice proportions. It’s one of our favorites.
spun cotton shapes variety pack

42mm tall egg

  • 100  eggs 18mm tall. It’s always good to have small size eggs in stock. They are versatile and can be used for many projects. Miniature berries, miniature veggies, miniature hot chili peppers, pipe cleaner animals…
spun cotton shapes variety pack

18mm tall egg

  • 20 small peg dolls – cone fellow series. The cone fellow peg dolls are simple in design and therefore incredibly versatile. Use them to make animal peg dolls, angel ornaments, super-hero peg dolls – the sky is the limit.
spun cotton shapes variety pack

cone fellow peg doll – small

  • 20 medium peg dolls – round fellow series. The round fellow peg dolls are not as stable as the cone fellow peg dolls because they lack the wide flat base. But their rounded shapes make them irresistible. And they are the peg dolls that we have used the most since the beginning of SPUNNYS. Plenty of our project ideas rely on them.
spun cotton shapes variety pack

Round fellow peg doll – medium

  • 10 eggman figurines – small. We love these shapes! They are so simple and yet so versatile. They are irresistible when painted as owls, penguins, kangaroos, monkeys, koala bears, walruses… They can also be used in combination with other shapes. For example, a spun cotton ball (ø 30 or ø 45mm) can be glued on top of an eggman figurine to make a doll. The possibilities are endless. And, with their nice flat bottom, the eggman figurines are very stable.
spun cotton shapes variety pack

Eggman figurine – small


We are very proud of this variety pack and didn’t hesitate to call it “the ultimate”. We are confident you will like it!

As usual, if we can be of any help to assist with your projects, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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