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3d wall decor ideas spun cotton balls

3D wall decor ideas: Create art with spun cotton balls

Spun cotton balls are a great choice when it comes to decorating walls. They are inexpensive They are very lightweight They come in over a dozen different sizes They adhere very strongly to glue (tacky glue works fine) And most importantly: they are a natural art supply. Spun cotton balls come in plenty of different […]

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inexpensive molecular models kits

How to build inexpensive molecular models

Molecular model kits can be pricey. One cheap alternative would be to use polystyrene balls but they are not the greatest for the environment. So instead of polystyrene balls, we built our molecules with spun cotton balls. They are cheap, easy to use, sturdy, and, last but not least, completely natural.     Materials: CAUTION: […]

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blank unpainted paintable figures

Blank figures to paint

Blank figures by Spunnys are very easy to paint. Any common household paint works (watercolor, acrylic, tempera, oil). One can also use crayons, markers, pencils, almost anything. The paintable figures are manufactured out of paper (no vinyl or plastic materials are used). However, they are sturdy to the touch. They come in several shapes and […]

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Polystyrene balls wholesale

polystyrene balls: 6 reasons not to buy them

When it comes to arts and crafts, polystyrene balls have become a staple. They are probably the first thing we all think about when we need something round and lightweight. But while it’s true that polystyrene balls are convenient, there are also many things that are wrong with them.  So I wonder: do we really […]

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