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Kokeshi doll blank bodies DIY tutorial

How to make your own KOKESHI DOLL BLANK BODIES

Kokeshi doll bodies are traditionally made of wood. Therefore, for most of us who don’t own a wood turning workshop, making wooden Kokeshi dolls at home is no simple task. But with a little creativity and the use of materials other than wood (such as spun cotton shapes), making blank, unpainted Kokeshi bodies at home can […]

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Vintage spun cotton Easter egg ornament DIY

Easter egg ornaments – Easy homemade DIY ideas

Spunnys spun cotton eggs are great materials to easily make easter egg ornaments. Throughout this page, you will find examples of beautiful and easy to make Easter egg ornaments, all fashioned from blank spun cotton egg shapes. Blank Spun Cotton Eggs come in plenty of sizes A bamboo skewer can be used to hold the eggs […]

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Owl figurine DIY

DIY tutorial: Make cute decorative owl figurines

A clear and simple step by step tutorial Owls have been a great source of inspiration when it comes to decorating the home. One can find owl figurines, owl pillows, owl glasses, owl ornaments, owl blankets… Today, I made a cute little owl figurine. It didn’t take long at all and it turned out pretty good. I painted it in gold […]

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how to make a penguin figure

How to make adorable penguin figurines

An easy and simple way to make your own adorable little penguin figurines is to use spun cotton shapes. Spun cotton shapes can be glued to each other and painted. Most white glues and most paints work. It’s fast, simple, and easy.  These adorable penguin figurines were made with 12mm spun cotton balls (for the heads) and 20mm spun […]

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Easy DIY cake toppers - spun cotton

CAKE TOPPER DIY with spun cotton shapes

How to create almost any cake topper figurine with spun cotton shapes A very easy way to make your own unique cake toppers is to use spun cotton shapes as your base materials. Spun cotton shapes all have a little hole at the bottom where a toothpick can be inserted. Spun cotton shapes come in many forms […]

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Paper flower tutorial step by step

How to make paper flowers: Crepe Streamers Poppies

These crepe streamer poppies are classy, elegant and very easy to make. This project requires no special skills or experience making paper flowers. Each step is very easy. Your flowers will turn out beautiful. Materials Crepe paper streamers – 1 roll (1 – 3/4″ wide). You can make dozens of flowers with a single roll. I […]

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Vintage Easter ornaments DIY craft ideas

Vintage Easter ornaments – Rabbit & Chicken – cute DIY ideas

Our hanging vintage Easter ornaments are cute and easy to make. The ornaments consist of simple cardboard silhouettes attached to large spun cotton balls. The templates for the silhouettes can be downloaded below. There are two silhouettes to choose from: A beautiful hen / chicken with a fluffy tail (it could easily be made into a rooster […]

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pipe cleaner hats for peg dolls people

Pipe cleaner hats (minis) – how to make your own

These miniature pipe cleaner hats can be used for crafts, for dolls, for peg dolls, for decorating, as Christmas ornaments, as Halloween decoration, as hair clips – anything. A piece of string could also be added so they can be hung. The hats are very easy to make and after a little bit of practice, 5-10 minutes is […]

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homemade Swarovski crystal encrusted mushroom pendant

How to make a mushroom necklace pendant

One very easy way to make beautiful and elegant mushroom necklace pendants is to use blank spun cotton mushrooms as base materials. These cute little blank mushrooms are made of paper, they are lightweight (yet sturdy) and they are very easy to paint and work with. In this tutorial, I made three little mushroom pendants: one green and […]

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pipe cleaner penguins christmas craft ideas

Pipe cleaner penguins DIY – winter craft ideas

These miniature pipe cleaner penguins are incredibly cute and very easy to make. And they only require a few inexpensive materials. They are great to decorate the house during the winter season. I chose to display mine on a shelf over the fireplace. But they would look cute as table decorations, on a bookshelf, on a nightstand – […]

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