Citrouilles en ouate de cellulose

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Spun Cotton Pumpkins of superior quality, made in Germany.

15mm tall x 22 mm wide (about 9/16″ tall x 7/8″ wide).

Sold blank and ready to paint, glitter and decorate.

Perfect for DIY Fall Crafts, Halloween, and Christmas Crafts.

Make your own miniature faux pumpkins, mini ornaments, Halloween decorations, and more.

Low wholesale level prices

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Spun cotton pumpkins are fantastic craft materials. They are easy to use, and the base for countless DIY craft projects. Use them for Halloween, Christmas, or anytime of the year.

Working with Spun Cotton Mini Pumpkin blanks – the basics

Spun cotton shapes are very straightforward to work with. Any paint that works on paper will also work on them – we recommend a premium quality acrylic paint. You can also use any type of glitter as a finish – German glass glitter, metallic glitter, snow lookalike glitter, sugar lookalike glitter…  To cover the pumpkins with glitter, simply apply craft white glue with a paintbrush and sprinkle the glitter on the shapes. Let dry until the glue turns from white to clear. Voila!

Each pumpkin has a hole on top in which a faux stem can be inserted (floral stems sold at craft stores work great).

TIP 1: The hole can also be used to hold the spun cotton pumpkins with a pick during the painting and decorating process. This way you won’t get any paint on your fingers.

TIP 2: Prior to painting them, you can dent the surface of the pumpkins to create ridges (with your nail or with a tool) and give them an even more realistic look. To ease the denting process, you can spray a little water on the surface of the pumpkins. You will then have to let the pumpkins dry before painting them.

We offer all of our spun cotton shapes at low wholesale level prices.

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Poids 1 g
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 15 mm


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