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Below you will find our collection of miscellaneous shapes. These were difficult to categorize in our other sections so we created this section just for them.

You will also find limited series shapes that won’t be manufactured again as well as a few vintage spun cotton shapes.

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Need a shape that we don’t have in our store? Let us know:

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The Castle Tower


Miscellaneous Vintage Spunnys



We had a hard time finding a name for this one :) Do you have a better one? Let us know!!

They are about 47mm tall x 19mm wide.

How to use them? I think they would look great painted and used as a ornaments, hung upside down. They all have a little hole in which a piece of string can be inserted and glued.

The castle tower is a limited edition shape. It will not be manufactured again.


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The vintage Christmas Tree


Spun Cotton Christmas tree ornament


spun cotton tree


This is a fun little vintage shape. It looks like a chubby christmas tree. Maybe some would say it looks like a birthday cake.

Our Christmas trees are about 31mm tall x 35mm wide.

These shapes would look great hung upside down (pieces of strings can be used).

Unfortunately these shapes are from an old vintage stock and will not be manufactured again.


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More miscellaneous shapes to come very soon!







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