How to make a lightweight paper bead necklace – Jewelry Craft DIY

paper bead necklace DIY

Check out our tutorial and learn how you can make a lightweight and comfortable paper bead necklace from ø 15 mm spun cotton balls.

Paper Bead Necklace – project materials

– ø 15 mm Spun cotton balls.

– Strong black thread and a needle.

– Acrylic Paint and a paint brush.

– Two pairs of pliers.

– A clasp mechanism such as the one pictured below:

clasp mechanism

Step by step tutorial

Step 1: Paint all the beads.

The beads are easier to paint if you mount them on sticks, toothpicks and bamboo skewers work great.

Step 2: Prepare your necklace line.

Make the line at least 6 inches longer than the desired length of your necklace because the knots will shorten the line and also because you need enough thread at the end to tie your last knot comfortably.

Double our quadruple your line to make it stronger.

Your line should look like the one in the picture below. Notice there are two knots on one side.

necklace craft tutorial

Cut off the excess thread.

Step 3: Thread the first bead.

Insert the needle into the pre-existing hole, and exit on the other side. Slide the ball until it covers knot #2 and tie a third knot just next to it.

Step 4: Thread the other beads.

For tall the other beads, insert the needle from the opposite end and exit from the pre-existing hole (like in the picture below). After each bead, tie a new knot to secure them into place.

paper bead necklace DIY

Step 5: The last bead.

When you thread your last bead, you should be left with at least 3 to 4 “ of line. At this point, cut the end of the loop to free up your needle and create a new loop by tying a new knot just next to the last bead. Trim the excess thread.

Step 6: Attach the clasp.

With two pairs of pliers, one in each hand, open the clasp rings and attach them to the thread loops. Close up the clasp rings.


paper bead necklace designs

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and as always, do not hesitate to comment below if you have any questions. For more DIY necklace projects, you can also check out our other tutorial : how to make a fabric covered bead necklace.

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