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practice golf balls

Spunnys practice golf ball are made of paper. Fun, sturdy, and lightweight, they are eco-responsible alternatives to foam and plastic golf balls.

Introducing golf ball size paper balls

SPUNNYS is the first company to manufacture paper balls in golf ball size.

Note: The diameter of an American golf ball is 42.7mm. However this is a precision that is illusionary to achieve with paper. Therefore, we advertise the diameter of our paper golf balls as 43mm.

Why use paper golf balls ?

Practice safely outdoors or in your backyard.

Play chipping target golf without the risk of breaking anything.

Have fun with friends.

Leave no plastic behind.

The advantages of paper over plastic practice balls:

First and foremost: paper balls are a lot more fun to hit than plastic balls. They have a solid core. Hitting them feels closer to the real thing than hitting plastic does.

Paper balls are also more environmentally responsible than plastic. Suppose you leave a paper ball behind in a field, it will eventually disintegrate just like regular paper would. Plastic on the other hand will take decades to disappear and may end up in our oceans.

Paper balls can also be very easily decorated. Paint, markers and pencils can all be used on paper balls. Sign your name on them, write numbers, paint them different colors, draw faces…you can get creative.

The limits of paper practice golf balls

They are not designed for putting. Paper balls will never be as perfectly round as real golf balls and may not roll in perfect straight lines. They are made to be swung at.

Also, if you swing really hard, you may not be able to use the ball again as it will lose its shape.

How much do paper balls weigh?

About 10.4 grams each (roughly 3/8th of an ounce). In other words, they are very lightweight.


The key word is « fun ». Practice paper balls are simply a lot of fun.

Spunnys practice golf balls made of paper are available in our online store:


Try them before committing

Interested in the product but not sure about committing yet? We’d be happy to send you a small box with a few sample golf balls. Please feel free to send us an email.

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