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Buy practice golf balls made of paper – in bulk / online

practice golf balls

Spunnys practice golf ball are made of paper. Fun, sturdy, and lightweight, they are eco-responsible alternatives to foam and plastic balls.

practice golf balls made of paper
Practice golf balls made of paper
To manufacture paper balls, soft tissue paper is tightly spun into solid spheres.

Introducing golf ball size paper balls

SPUNNYS is the first company to manufacture paper balls in golf ball size. (ø 42.7 mm for the American golf ball).

Note: A diameter of 42.7mm is a precision that is illusionary to achieve with paper. So we picked 43mm as our manufacturing target size (in our online store, practice golf balls are labeled as ø 43mm balls).

The advantages of paper over plastic:

First and foremost: paper balls are a lot more fun to hit than plastic balls. They have a solid core. Hitting them feels closer to the real thing than hitting plastic does.

Paper balls are also more environmentally responsible than plastic. Suppose you leave a paper ball behind, it will eventually disintegrate just like regular paper would. Plastic on the other hand will take decades to disappear and may end up in our oceans.

For all the arts and crafters out there, spun paper balls can also be very easily decorated. Paint, markers, pencils…almost all art materials are compatible with paper balls.

The limits of paper practice golf balls

They cannot be used well for putting. Paper balls will never be as perfectly round as real golf balls.

Also, if you swing really hard, the balls will fly but you won’t be able to use them again as they will be crushed on one side.

How much do paper balls weigh?

About 10.4 grams each (roughly 3/8th of an ounce). In other words, they are very lightweight.


The key word is “fun”. Practice paper balls are simply a lot of fun.

At home, we even invented a few games like hitting them from the backyard onto the deck with a pitching wedge or hitting them over the house (disclaimer: we live in the country and don’t have neighbors).

Spunnys practice golf balls made of paper are available in our online store:


Try them before committing

Interested in the product but not sure about committing yet? We get it. We’d be happy to send you a small box with a few sample golf balls. Please feel free to send us an email for sample pricing information and to arrange shipment:

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