How to make farm animal toppers with Witch Hats – DIY Halloween Crafts

Halloween cupcake toppers DIY project idea

Check out our tutorial and learn how to make these cute little farm animal cupcake toppers all dressed up with spooky witch hats.

1. Make the farm animal toppers.

All the steps and materials to make the toppers are detailed in our previous tutorial: how to make farm animal cupcake toppers.

2. Make the witch hats.

You will only need a few materials:

  • black felt
  • a pair of scissors
  • a tube of white tacky glue.
  • binder clips.

Step 1: Start with the top part of the hat (the cone). Cut out a “quarter pie” shape in a piece of felt. It doesn’t have to be perfect as witch hats are never perfect anyway.

Halloween cupcake toppers homemade

Step 2: Pour a bead of glue along the edge of your cutout.

How to make halloween cupcake toppers

Step 3: Roll your quarter pie shape into a cone. Use two binder clips to hold the seam shut for 5-10 minutes (until the glue is dry).

Halloween cupcake toppers DIY

Step 4: In a different piece of felt, cut out a doughnut shape. The center hole of the doughnut needs to be slightly smaller than the base of the cone. Then cut out 2 holes in your doughnut to accommodate the ears.

halloween cake toppers

Step 5: Position the felt doughnut on your farm animal topper head.

halloween cupcake toppers tutorial

Step 6: Pour a bead of glue around the inner rim of the doughnut.

cow cupcake topper

Step 7: Gently cover the doughnut with the cone. Let the glue dry until it becomes transparent.

halloween cupcake toppers ideas


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you found some inspiration. As always, do not hesitate to ask your questions in the comment section below. Happy crafting and Happy Halloween!

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