How to make Farm Animal Cupcake Toppers

farm animal cupcake toppers DIY cake pops

Follow our simple tutorial and learn how you can make these farm animal cupcake toppers from ø 30mm spun cotton balls.

Farm Animal Cupcake Toppers – Materials

– ø 30 mm Spun cotton balls

– Paint. Any paint that works on paper will also work on spun cotton balls. We used regular acrylic paint.

– White card stock paper

– Brushes, toothpicks (or bamboo skewers), tacky glue, a pencil, and a cotton ball for the sheep’s hair doe.

Step by step tutorial directions

1- Begin with painting the balls with solid colors. It’s easier to paint them on a stick. It also makes resting them while they dry very convenient.

how to make farm animal toppers

2- Paint your card stock paper on both sides. Once dry, cut out the ears, snouts, beaks and rooster comb.

3- Glue the ears, snouts, beaks and rooster comb to their respective animal heads.

4- Once the glue is dry, pencil the location of the eyes and dab with black paint (we used a wood skewer dipped in black paint).

5- Add the last details: paint the sheep snout and give him a little cotton hair doe, paint the ears an nostrils.

You are done :)

homemade farm animal cupcake toppers
farm animal cake toppers craft ideas

We hope you have fun and as usual don’t hesitate to send us your questions. Happy crafting!

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