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spun cotton project idea

Who are our clients?

Our clients are universities, hospitals, arts and crafts retails stores, not for profits, artists, private parties…


What is our mission?

To popularize spun cotton shapes!

Spun cotton shapes are not very well known outside of Europe. A shame! They are so easy to work with (easy to paint, easy to glue, easy to draw on).

    • we work hard  to come up with fun, beautiful, and creative project ideas.
    • we offer the highest quality spun cotton shapes at the most reasonable prices. See our store (0ver 100 shapes available).

Is spun cotton similar to polystyrene?

You can use polystyrene shapes and spun cotton shapes in similar ways*. But unlike polystyrene shapes, spun cotton shapes will not be found floating on our oceans. They biodegrade just like tissue paper would.

*: with the notable exception of pinning. Pins and needles should not be used with spun cotton shapes.


What are spun cotton shapes? 

Spun cotton shapes are little 3D shapes that can be used for art projects, craft projects, science projects, jewelry projects and more. They are made of paper (similar to soft tissue paper) and have many great attributes:

    • They are lightweight, but sturdy
    • They are absorbent and therefore easy to paint
    • They adhere to glue very strongly
    • They come in many shapes and sizes
    • They don’t crumble
    • They do not contain plastic or polystyrene foam.

Our promise of quality:

At Spunnys, quality matters, whether it is the quality of our craft projects or the quality of our products. All of the craft projects displayed in our portfolio section are original creations realized by our own hands. All of Spunnys spun cotton shapes are imported directly from a family owned manufacturing company located in a little town of Saxony, in the mountains of East Germany. Over there, the manufacturing of spun cotton shapes has been a tradition for almost a century.


Our company:

SPUNNYS is a registered trademark owned by Nicolas Cocquerelle. The website and e-commerce store are operated by SPUNNYS FRANCE.

77 chemin de la SPECK
68000 COLMAR

For any questions, do not hesitate to send us a message. It’s always a pleasure to hear from you.


Product packaging:

All of our shapes are packaged in bulk. For example if you order 200 ø30mm balls, you will receive a bag with 200 ø30mm balls. 


Spunnys resale policy:

Retail packaging and resale of our products (both online and in store) are allowed, however, under no circumstances are our clients allowed to resale our products under the SPUNNYS brandname.




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