The more you buy they better the price

Volume discounts are implemented automatically on cart and checkout pages.

  • Orders over $150 –> 5% discount
  • Orders over $200 –> 7.5% discount
  • Orders over $300 –> 10% discount

Both businesses and private parties are eligible to volume discounts.

For orders over $400, please email us directly (contact@spunnys.com). We do offer even larger discounts. Please indicate what shapes you are interested in and in what quantities.

Not enough in stock?

If what we have in stock is insufficient (stock information is displayed on the product pages) we can manufacture more within a reasonable delay (except for the limited edition shapes)

Don’t see the shape(s) you are looking for?

Just ask! We have a large inventory of shapes and cannot always advertise everything we have in stock. We may have the shape you need hiding somewhere.

Want your very own shape?

We can do it!

Spun cotton shapes are manufactured using metal molds. For example, there is a mold to manufacture 25mm balls, there is a different mold to manufacture 30mm balls…

Metalsmithing a mold has a cost and we charge our clients who want to have a custom mold manufactured a one time fee. Once the mold is created, you can chose for it to be yours only and no other clients can use it.

All shapes need to be axially symmetric (the appearance of a spun cotton shape is unchanged while rotated around its axis). Some shapes, such as loops, cannot be done.

Spun cotton ball project idea - small animals
A cute project mixing spun cotton shapes and pipe wire

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