Shipping information

Orders are prepared and packed within 1 to 2 business days (except weekends and holidays)

We are located in France, just minutes from Germany (where the shapes are manufactured).

We offer a very low international shipping fee.

We ship from France and maintain all of our inventory in France.

Shipping is done directly to your door.

There are no import taxes for you to pay.

Shipping is done via the French postal service.


All orders are packed in bulk . For example, if a client orders 200 ø25mm balls and 100 ø30mm balls, then he or she will receive a bag with 200 ø25mm balls and another bag with 100 ø30mm balls.

Each bag is labeled with the name of the shape and the quantity.

We use a lot of care while preparing all orders. We pack all the bags by hand, giving us a chance to inspect the shapes. Quite a few shapes are discarded because they don’t meet our standards. Last we cushion the bags within the shipping boxes.

All shipping boxes used for long distance shipping are double wall corrugated cardboard boxes.

A quick note about our prices

We thrive to offer the best prices on the internet for spun cotton products.

Being located in France, right next to manufacturing is the key to our ability to offer low prices.

We used to be located in the US and back then our prices were much higher. Maintaining a stock in the US was cost prohibitive. It was not only expensive to import the shapes, it was also very pricey to warehouse the shapes. These little things take up a lot of room :)

Now we pass those savings onto you.

A final note: we make no profit on shipping. Our $20 flat fee is much less than what it cost us to ship a package from France to the USA for example.