How to make a lamb figurine – DIY Easter Craft

Spun cotton ornament lamb sheep

Check out our tutorial and learn how to make a lamb figurine from a spun cotton figurine blank.

Lamb Figurine DIY – Materials

  • White, pink, and black acrylic paint.
  • A bamboo stick.
  • A small piece of white paper to cut the ears into.
  • A pair of scissors.
  • A hot glue gun.
  • A paint brush.
  • A pencil to outline the eyes before painting them.


  • Step 1: Paint the two sides of the little piece of paper white. This will be the ears.
  • Step 2: Insert the bamboo stick into the bottom of the shape. Hold your doll with the stick and paint it white.
  • Step 3: when the piece of paper is dry, draw ears and cut them with the scissors. Paint the inside of the ears with the pink paint.
  • Step 4: glue the ears onto the blank doll. Make sure to have them stick out from the sides,
  • Step 5: Pencil the location of the eyes, then dip the pointy end of the wood stick into the black paint and dab the eyes.

FINISHING TOUCHES: Paint the glue marks around the ears. You can also add more paint between the ears to look like hair. Texture the paint with the wood stick.

Easter craft ideas how to make a lamb figure ornament

You are done :) I hope you enjoyed this simple tutorial and as always, do not hesitate to use the comments field below to send us your questions.

Happy Crafting!

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