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Spun Cotton Peg Dolls


many sizes available!

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SPUNNYS Spun Cotton Peg Dolls are manufactured in Germany and offered at low wholesale level prices. They are easy to work with and are fun alternatives to wooden peg dolls.

Choose among 10 different styles of spun cotton peg dolls:

Cone fellow series: 

  • Extra small (nickname: “small head”): height: 40mm, bottom ø: 27mm; neck ø: 10mm; head ø: 14mm
  • Small: height: 47mm; bottom ø: 25mm; neck ø: 11mm; head ø: 19mm.
  • Medium: height: 56mm; bottom ø: 29mm; neck ø: 13mm; head ø: 24mm.
  • Large: height: 60mm; bottom ø: 32mm; neck ø: 16mm; head ø: 27mm.

Round fellow series: 

  • Small: height: 40mm; waist ø: 28mm; neck ø: 16mm; head ø: 20mm.
  • Medium: height: 51mm; waist ø: 33mm; neck ø: 21mm; head ø: 24mm.
  • Large: height: 55mm; waist ø 38mm; neck ø: 19mm; head ø: 22mm.

Eggman figurines: 

  • Small: 52 mm tall x ø 39 mm (at the widest point)
  • Large: 72 mm tall x ø 53 mm (at the widest point)

Figurine torsos: 

  • Small: 45 mm tall x ø 48 mm
  • Large: 54 mm tall x ø 55 mm


Spunnys peg doll paper extra small

SPUNNYS Cone Fellow – Extra Small (aka “small head”)
40mm tall

spun cotton peg doll cone fellow small 47 tall ø25 bottom ø19 head

SPUNNYS Cone Fellow – Small
47mm tall

spun cotton peg doll cone fellow medium 56 tall ø29 bottom ø24 head

SPUNNYS Cone Fellow – Medium
56mm tall

spun cotton peg doll cone fellow large 60 tall ø32 bottom ø27 head

SPUNNYS Cone Fellow – Large
60mm tall

white paper peg doll

(will not be manufactured again)
66mm tall

paintable paper peg doll

Will not be manufactured again
86mm tall

spun cotton peg doll round fellow medium 51 tall ø33 waist ø24 head

SPUNNYS Round Fellow – Medium

spun cotton peg doll round fellow large 55 tall ø38 waist ø22 head

SPUNNYS Round Fellow – Large

spun cotton peg doll egg man small 52 tall ø39

SPUNNYS Eggman Figurine – Small

spun cotton peg doll egg man large 72 tall ø53

SPUNNYS Eggman Figurine – Large

spun cotton figurine torso small 45 mm tall ø 48 mm

SPUNNYS Figurine Torso – Small

spun cotton figurine torso large 54 mm tall ø 55 mm

SPUNNYS Figurine Torso – Large


Blank peg dolls spun cotton

Like wooden peg dolls, spun cotton peg dolls come in several shapes and sizes

Blank peg dolls all sizes

Cone fellows (to the left) and round fellows (to the right)


pipe cleaner vintage angel ornament DIY tutorial

Vintage angel ornament
SPUNNYS cone fellow – small

Owl figurine craft ideas

Owl ornament
SPUNNYS large eggman figurine

spun cotton penguin christmas ornaments DIY

Penguin ornaments
SPUNNYS small and large eggman figurines

Mushroom ornament DIY

King Bolete Mushroom Ornament
ø70mm half-ball on top of a small eggman figurine

Christmas gnome peg doll DIY

Forest gnome ornament
SPUNNYS cone fellow – small

Pipe cleaner bunny Christmas ornaments DIY

Snow bunny ornament
SPUNNYS round fellow – medium

Spun cotton figurine bodies project ideas

More eggman figurines project ideas

Kokeshi dolls DIY craft ideas

Kokeshi Dolls
Purple Kokeshi: Large figurine torso glued on top of a small figurine torso
Yellow Kokeshi: Large figurine torso glued on top of a large eggman figurine

How to paint peg dolls princess

Princess peg doll
SPUNNYS round fellow – medium


Spun Cotton Peg Dolls: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do spun cotton peg dolls compare to wooden peg dolls?

We believe that spun cotton peg dolls are easier to paint than wooden peg dolls.

There is no sanding, and no priming needed. Also, given the absorbing nature of spun cotton, the paint flows nicely from the brush onto the dolls. Lastly, because spun cotton dolls are white, one coat of paint is usually all it takes (a great time saver)

Any common paint such as acrylic can be used. With spun cotton peg dolls, it’s all about the pleasure of painting.

How easy is it to paint a spun cotton peg doll?

It’s very easy. Painting on spun cotton is like painting on paper. And because spun cotton is absorbent, paint dries very fast.

What type of paint works best?

Any paint that works great on paper will work great on spun cotton. We like acrylic because it dries very fast and hardens to a nice protective coating.

What are some useful tips to pain spun cotton peg dolls?

We have painted our fair share of spun cotton peg dolls and have several tips to share. Please refer to our detailed blog post: painting wooden peg dolls and spun cotton peg dolls: tips and tricks.

Are spun cotton peg dolls sturdy and will they save for a long time?

They are very sturdy and they will save for as long as they are kept and handled with reasonable care. They are made of many layers of paper giving them a very solid feel. To make them even sturdier, they can be varnished with a clear coat finish, such as a thick layer of mod podge.

Can spun cotton peg dolls be used as cake toppers?

Absolutely! Not only do they look great as cake toppers, but they are also very easy to turn into cake toppers. All spun cotton dolls have a little hole at the bottom. By just inserting toothpicks or a bamboo sticks into the dolls, one can easily make cake toppers.

What other materials can spun cotton peg dolls be combined with?

Spun cotton peg dolls can be combined with plenty of craft materials. We like to use felt, paper, fabric, burlap, cardboard, pipe cleaners but there are surely infinite possibilities out there! All these materials can easily be glued onto the dolls with regular white school glue (such as Elmer’s).


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