How to make pipe cleaner spider decorations – Halloween DIY

DIY big fake scary spider craft

For Halloween, check out our tutorial and learn how you can make decorative giant spiders from spun cotton blank figurines and pipe cleaners.

Pipe Cleaner Spider – Materials

  • Black pipe cleaner strands (chenille). Three per spider.
  • Acrylic paint for the eyes. Your choice of color.
  • A paint brush
  • A glue gun or tacky glue.
DIY easy spider craft project

Step by step directions

  1. Start with the eyes and paint all the balls. You can use bamboo skewers to hold the balls while you paint them. When you are done, you can rest the skewers in a container while the paint dries.
  2. Make the legs. Grab three chenille stems, hold them together as one, and twist them a few times in the middle.
  3. Glue everything together.

You are already done :)

« If you want to live and thrive, let the spider run alive » – Spanish proverb

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. As always, do not hesitate to send us your questions.

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