How to make a spun cotton angel fairy figurine – DIY Crafts

spun cotton angel fairy figurine DIY Tutorial

Check out our tutorial and learn how you can make a beautiful spun cotton angel fairy figurine from just a few spun cotton shapes.

Spun Cotton Angel Fairy Figurine – project materials: 

– A 51mm spun cotton peg doll (for the legs and torso).

– A 30mm spun cotton ball (for the head).

– A 10mm spun cotton ball (for the hair bun).

– Your choice of acrylic paint colors and two paint brushes (one small for details and one large).

– Some regular white tacky glue.

– A piece of card stock paper for the wings and a pair of scissors.

Step by step directions: 

– Glue together all the spun cotton shapes to create the body of the angel fairy.

– Paint the angel fairy. Make sure to always outline with a pencil first and to use a fine paint brush for the mouth and the eyes.

– Cut out the angel wings in the piece of card stock paper. To get perfectly symmetrical wings, fold the paper in half before cutting. Once done, glue the wings onto the back of your angel.

Angel figurine craft project idea


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and as always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to let us know. Happy Crafting.

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