Wholesale buyers

You can buy any of our products in large quantities (1000 pieces and above) and enjoy wholesale discounts (see offers below).

If the product you would like to buy in large quantities is not sold below, please email us (contact@spunnys.com) and we will be happy to create a new offering for you.

Need more than 4,000 pieces and we do not have these in stock?

We would be happy to have any shape from our online catalog manufactured just for you. A small downpayment is required and the lead time should be about one month.

Want your very own shape?

It’s possible.

We can request a special mold manufactured just for you.

Spun cotton shapes are manufactured using metal molds. For example, there is a mold to manufacture 25mm balls, there is a different mold to manufacture 30mm balls…

Metalsmithing a mold has a cost and we charge our clients who want to have a custom mold manufactured a one time fee. Once the mold is created, you can chose for it to be yours only and no other clients can use it.

All shapes need to be axially symmetric (the appearance of a spun cotton shape is unchanged while rotated around its axis). Some shapes, such as loops, cannot be done.

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