Spun Cotton Half-Balls


8 sizes available (ø 16 to 70 mm)

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SPUNNYS spun cotton half-balls are available in many sizes, from 16 mm to 70 mm in diameter. Low wholesale level prices. SPUNNYS spun cotton shapes are all imported from a traditional family-owned manufacturing business located in the mountains of Eastern Saxony (Germany).


Spun Cotton Half-Balls – Product Pictures


spun cotton half ball diameter 25 mm
ø 25 mm Half Ball


spun cotton half ball diameter 35 mm
ø 35 mm Half Ball


flattened half spun cotton ball ø35
ø 35mm Half Ball (flattened)


spun cotton half ball diameter 55 mm
ø 55 mm Half Ball


spun cotton half ball diameter 70 mm
ø 70 mm Half Ball



Project Ideas

There are probably hundreds of different ways to use spun cotton half balls. For example, they work great as ladybugs, turtles, or mushroom caps (one way of creating a mushroom is to glue a spun cotton half-ball on top of a spun cotton egg, or on top of an eggman figurine shape).

Hemispheres could also be glued onto canvasses (or directly onto walls) to make 3D art. Another idea would be to use them as pedestals for ornaments made with spun cotton shapes that do not stand up on their own (e.g.: balls).


spun cotton mushroom project idea
DIY Mushroom ornament
SPUNNYS ø 70mm half ball on top of SPUNNYS small eggman figurine
Acrylic paint


ladybug crafts ideas
Diameter 35 mm Half-Ball


cute ladybug craft ideas
Diameter 35 mm and diameter 16 mm Half-Balls


Frequently Asked Questions


Do all half-ball shapes have little holes on their flat sides?

Yes. The little hole is a remnant from the fabrication process of spun cotton shapes. To make a spun cotton shape, tissue paper is spun around a metal needle until the desired shape is achieved.


Can they be painted?

craft kids ladybug mason jar

Absolutely. Spun cotton shapes are meant to be painted! Their surface is very easy to paint, it feels like painting on paper. They absorb paint well and dry very fast. Any paint that would work on paper would also work on spun cotton half-balls. We recommend acrylic because it has a good covering power and dries fast.



Can they be glued to other materials?

Of course! Spun cotton shapes are lightweight and because of their fibrous texture, they adhere very strongly to glue. They can be glued to almost anything: cardboard, wood, metal…Tacky glue works very well and creates a strong bond. A glue gun also works well.



Additional information

Half Ball size

ø 16 mm, ø 14 mm, ø 20 mm, ø 25 mm, ø 25 mm (flattened), ø 28 mm, ø 30 mm (very flat – 10mm tall), ø 35 mm, ø 35 mm (flattened – 15 mm tall), ø 55 mm, ø 70 mm


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