Spun Cotton Carrots / Trees

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Blank spun cotton carrots made in Germany. 3 sizes available, each size has a different style. These shapes are also perfect to make little tree ornaments.

  • XL: 55mm tall x 24 mm wide (2″ 3/16 x 15/16″). This chubby little carrot has a rounded bottom and a pointier top.
  • L: 52mm tall x 17mm wide (2″ 1/32 x 11/16″). This carrot is skinnier than the XL carrot and rounded on both ends.
  • S: 30mm tall x 10mm wide (1″ 3/16 x 3/8″). This carrot is tapered on both ends. This shape would also work great for miniature corn cobs, chili peppers, yams, bananas, cucumbers…

Great to fashion your own miniature ornaments !

  • Perfect to make realistic looking faux fruits.
  • Perfect to make shimmery vintage style ornaments.
  • Perfect to make tree decorations.


Spun cotton carrot ornament

The XL carrot (55mm long x 24mm wide) was used to make this ornament


Working with spun cotton carrot blanks – the basics


Spun cotton shapes are very simple to work with. Any paint that works on paper will also work on them (we recommend a premium quality acrylic paint). You can also use any type of glitter as a finish (German glass glitter, metallic glitter, snow glitter, sugar lookalike glitter…).  To cover the carrots with glitter, simply apply craft white glue with a paintbrush and sprinkle the glitter on the shapes. Let dry until the glue turns from white to clear. Voila!

Each carrot has a hole on top in which a faux stem can be inserted (floral stems sold at craft stores work great).

TIP : The hole can also be used to hold the spun cotton carrots with a pick during the painting and decorating process. This way you won’t get any paint on your fingers.

TIP: For a more realistic look, do not hesitate to dent the shapes with your fingernails (or with a tool) to create little horizontal ridges.

DID YOU KNOW: regular spun cotton balls also work great to make fruit and veggie ornaments. For example, small size balls are perfect for peas, holly berries, mistletoe, blueberries, red currants, black currants…

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XL: 55mm long x 24mm wide, L: 52mm long x 17mm wide, S: 30mm long x 10mm wide


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