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Spun Cotton Eggs


Over 20 sizes available!

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SPUNNYS spun cotton eggs are made in Germany in a traditional family-owned manufacturing facility. They are offered at low wholesale level prices and available in many sizes, from tiny 12 mm tall eggs to giant 90 mm tall eggs.

Spun cotton eggs are very easy to paint and decorate. For Easter for example, painting spun cotton eggs is a great alternative to painting real eggs, plastic eggs, or polystyrene eggs.

Product pictures

spun cotton eggs vintage limited edition

Limited edition vintage eggs
Unique sizes – unique styles – will not be manufactured again

60mm spun cotton egg

The 60mm egg is about the size of a real egg

Spun cotton eggs 36 vs 38mm

The 36 and 38mm eggs are close in sizes but they have slightly different shapes.

spun cotton eggs for arts and crafts

All eggs have little holes on the bottom

Spun Cotton Eggs: Project Examples

Frequently asked questions

Can Spun Cotton Eggs be dyed like real eggs?

No! One should not dunk them in liquids. Spun cotton eggs would turn soft and spongy and lose their nice egg shapes (spun cotton eggs are made of tightly wound paper)

Can they be painted?

Absolutely, they are made of paper and are ready to go. No need for primer, gesso, or anything like that.

How to paint Spun Cotton Eggs?

We believe that the easiest way to paint spun cotton eggs is to insert a bamboo stick in them and use the stick as a handle. All spun cotton eggs already have a little hole at the bottom so there is no need to go get the drill :).

To paint a straight line around the egg, simply spin the bamboo stick while holding the brush still.

How do Spun Cotton Eggs compare to plastic eggs?

We believe that spun cotton eggs are much easier to paint than plastic eggs. Simple acrylic paint or watercolor work great on spun cotton, whereas on plastic, one would need to use a primer or a special paint.

Additional information

Egg size

12mm tall, 17mm tall limited edition, 18mm tall, 20mm tall, 25mm tall, 30mm tall, 30mm tall – large, 34mm tall limited edition, 36mm tall, 38mm tall, 40mm tall, 42mm tall, 42mm tall limited edition, 45mm tall, 47mm tall, 50mm tall, 53mm tall limited edition, 55mm tall, 58mm tall, 60mm tall, 65mm tall, 70mm tall, 78mm tall, 90mm tall


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