Spun Cotton Teardrop Shapes

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14 styles to choose from!

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SPUNNYS spun cotton teardrop shapes are manufactured in Germany and offered at low wholesale level prices. Teardrop shapes are among the most versatile shapes. They are great to make miniature millinery fruits and vegetables such as turnips and radishes. But they are also perfect to create jewelry pieces, necklace pendants, vintage ornaments…


Over a dozen spun cotton teardrop shapes to choose from:


The “light bulb” shape looks like a vintage Edison style lightbulb. The top is flat. The hole is on top, which makes the shape easy to use as an ornament. The light bulb shape could also be used to make miniature veggies such as eggplants.


tear-shaped spun cotton shape light bulb 43 tall ø22
The light bulb: 43mm tall x ø 22mm


The “tree bud” shape also looks like an elongated olive, or an eglantine berry.


tear-shaped spun cotton shape tree bud 24 tall ø14
The tree bud: 24mm tall x ø 14mm


The “bulb” collection of shapes comprises three sizes: small, medium, and large. The holes are on the rounded sides of the bulb. They could be used to make beautiful pinecone ornaments.


tear-shaped spun cotton shape bulb small 37 tall ø28
Bulb – small: 37mm tall x ø 28mm


tear-shaped spun cotton shape bulb medium 50 tall ø40
Bulb – medium: 50mm tall x ø 40mm


tear-shaped spun cotton shape bulb large 70 tall ø55
Bulb – large: 70mm tall x ø 55mm


With their holes located on top, the shapes from the  “Hawaii pearl” collection are perfect to make pendants resembling pearls.


tear-shaped spun cotton shape Hawaii pear small 25 tall ø16
Hawaii pearl – small: 25mm tall x ø 16mm


tear-shaped spun cotton shape Hawaii pearl medium 32 tall ø22
Hawaii pearl – medium: 32mm tall x ø 22mm


As its name suggests, the “perfect teardrop” shape is a perfect teardrop. The hole is located on the rounded side. We offer 2 sizes: small (28mm x Ø 18mm) and large (30mm x Ø 20mm).


tear-shaped spun cotton shape teardrop 28 tall ø18
Perfect Teardrop – small: 28mm tall x ø 18mm (the large version is just a bit bigger: 30mm tall x Ø 20mm)


Spunnys “menhirs” look like large carrots. The hole is on the rounded side.


tear-shaped spun cotton shape menhir 55 tall ø24
Menhir: 55mm tall x ø 24mm


The “bullet” looks like a truncated egg. It is a fairly small shape. The hole is on the flat side of the shape.


tear-shaped spun cotton shape bullet 20 tall ø15
Bullet: 20mm tall x ø 15mm


The “Tahiti” collection of shapes comprises 4 different sizes: small, medium, large, and extra large. The holes are on the top of the shapes.


tear-shaped spun cotton shape tahiti pearl small 27 tall ø24
Tahiti pearl – small: 27mm tall x ø 24mm


tear-shaped spun cotton shape tahiti pearl medium 36 tall ø29
Tahiti pearl – medium: 36mm tall x ø 29mm


tear-shaped spun cotton shape tahiti pearl large 48 tall ø40
Tahiti pearl – large: 48mm tall x ø 40mm


tear-shaped spun cotton shape tahiti pearl extra large 64 tall ø54
Tahiti pearl – extra large: 64mm tall x ø 54mm





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  1. Marik KORUS

    Des formes originales qui se combinent bien entre elles, de très bonne qualité. Le service d’expédition est remarquable.

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