Spun Cotton Teardrops / Bulbs

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Blanks spun cotton teardrop and bulb shapes manufactured in Germany and offered at low wholesale level prices. Teardrop shapes are among the most versatile shapes. They are great to make vintage style ornaments,  create jewelry pieces, necklace pendants, fruit and vegetable decorations, and can be embellished with paint, glitter, or covered with polymer clay.

The perfect teardrop shapes are the stereotypical, quintessential teardrop shapes.

The bulb shapes look more like pointy eggs. They would work well to make root vegetable ornaments.


Spun Cotton Teardrop shapes • Basic Craft Techniques


Spun cotton shapes are very easy to work with.  It si similar to working with paper, which is not surprising since they are made of paper.

You can use any type of craft paint to decorate them. We recommend acrylic because it dries fast.

You can also cover them with glitter (glass glitter, snow glitter, metal glitter, mica flakes…). To do so, just brush on some white craft glue with a paintbrush and sprinkle glitter with a spoon over a small bowl. Let dry until the glue turns from white to clear. You can brush the glue over a painted shape or over a blank shape.

Furthermore, the teardrops can be embellished with beautiful Dresden foils and trims. Simply glue them on.

Last, the teardrop shapes can be covered with polymer clay and turned into beautiful ornaments. You can visit our detailed tutorial: How to make Polymer Clay Beads.

For more craft techniques and project ideas, please visit our PROJECT IDEAS page.












1 review for Spun Cotton Teardrops / Bulbs

  1. Marik KORUS

    Des formes originales qui se combinent bien entre elles, de très bonne qualité. Le service d’expédition est remarquable.

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