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  • Spun cotton ornaments – How to make your own (the easy way)

    Vintage style spun cotton mushroom ornaments

    There is something magical about Spun cotton ornaments. Maybe because they are often associated with Christmas and the Holidays. Or maybe because they often look like they come right out of a fairy tale. Making your own spun cotton ornament can be a fairly long process. It typically involves creating a frame out of metal […]

  • 3 mini blank figures that are easy for kids to paint and decorate

    paintable blank figures

    Discover spun cotton blank figures (aka spun cotton peg dolls). With their simple lines and curvy little bodies, these paintable figures are irresistible. They are also entirely made of paper, so they are easy to decorate. But don’t let this fool you, they are very sturdy. Decorate them with paint, pens, pencils, color markers, crayons, or […]

  • Lightweight 3D shapes for kids collage or dimensional art

    kids collage craft supplies

    If you are looking for 3D shapes that can easily be integrated into kids collage, then look no further and give spun cotton shapes a chance. Spun cotton shapes are wonderful collage supply materials. They are fun to use, inexpensive, easy to glue, easy to paint, lightweight, sturdy and non-toxic. Spun cotton shapes come in […]