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  • Show off your work and get 10%

    Send us your pictures!    Show off your work Inspire others Get a 10% coupon for your next order   Spun cotton shapes are a creative person’s fantasy. They can be used in so many different ways. They can be the source of so many project ideas: art projects, craft projets, jewelry projects… Kids can use […]

  • Low stock warning (August 2014)

    A quick view into our stock (August 2014)   We are running low!  As of August 4th 2014: we are running low on some of our items. So to save you the trouble of navigating our product pages and figuring out what we have left, here is a list summarizing all the products we have […]

  • How to make flower stamens (simple method)

    How to make stamens step 2

    Flower stamens can be purchased in craft stores but making your own is fast, easy, and inexpensive. All you need are spun cotton balls. Icing on the cake, spun cotton balls are an all natural, paper product.   How to make flower stamens   Directions Making your own stamens is an easy 3 step process: […]