Spunnys shapes are sold blank and can be decorated with paint, markers, crayons - anything. They can also be glued to other materials or to each other. Use them to make art, ornaments, jewelry...

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  • Wooden peg dolls vs paper peg dolls – a comparison

    wooden peg doll vs spun cotton

    Wooden peg dolls vs paper peg dolls – a comparison   Peg dolls are great. They are a fun way to express one’s creativity. They can be painted into almost anything: people, animals, famous characters, monsters, princesses, elfs, fairies… They can be used as ornaments, decorations for the house, art pieces, chess pieces… And they are relatively […]

  • How to paint peg dolls (wooden or paper): tips and tricks

    How to paint peg doll people

    HOW TO PAINT PEG DOLLS (WOODEN OR PAPER) tips and tricks   The following tips and tricks apply to both wooden peg dolls and spun cotton peg dolls (aka paper peg dolls). Paper peg dolls and wooden peg dolls. Both come in many shapes and sizes.   Painting peg dolls is a lot of fun.  It’s an […]

  • Craft foam balls vs spun cotton balls: which ones to use?

    Foam ball vs spun cotton

    CRAFT FOAM BALLS vs SPUN COTTON BALLS Which ones to use   Foam balls and spun cotton balls are both very useful when it comes to arts, crafts and  decorations. So much can be done with them. In terms of pricing: they are fairly similar (i.e.: inexpensive). So which ones should you use? Can they be used interchangeably? […]