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  • How to make flower stamens (simple method)

    How to make stamens step 2

    Flower stamens can be purchased in craft stores but making your own is fast, easy, and inexpensive. All you need are spun cotton balls. Icing on the cake, spun cotton balls are an all natural, paper product.   How to make flower stamens   Directions Making your own stamens is an easy 3 step process: […]

  • How to make spun cotton ornaments (the easy way)

    Vintage style spun cotton mushroom ornaments

    There is something magical about spun cotton ornaments. Maybe it’s because they are often associated with Christmas and the Holidays. Or maybe it’s because they often look like they come right out of a fairy tale. Making your own spun cotton ornaments from scratch is not too difficult but it can be a fairly long […]

  • How to build inexpensive molecular models

    inexpensive molecular models kits

    Molecular model kits can be pricey. One cheap alternative would be to use polystyrene balls but they are not the greatest for the environment. So instead of polystyrene balls, we built our molecules with spun cotton balls. They are cheap, easy to use, sturdy, and, last but not least, completely natural.   How to build […]

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