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How to make flower stamens (a simple method)

How to make flower stamens easy

Flower stamens can be purchased in craft stores but making your own is fast, easy, and inexpensive. All you need to make beautiful and elegant flower stamens are spun cotton balls.

paper flower stamen craft tutorial

The stamens of these paper flowers were made with spun cotton balls.




Making your own stamens is easy. There are only 3 steps to this project.

1. Grab a small spun cotton ball. I recommend 15mm (19/32″ diameter) or 12mm (15/32″ diameter).

How to make stamens step 1

Notice how spun cotton balls have a little hole on one side.
We are going to take advantage of this neat feature.


2. Pour a little glue into and over the spun cotton ball hole. TIP: use a low temperature gun.

How to make stamens step 2


3. Insert a flower stem wire and wait a few seconds until the glue solidifies. The floral wire can be purchased in most craft stores.

How to make stamens step 3


You are done!


Adding color and/or glitter


This step is optional. The stamens don’t need to be painted to make paper flowers.

However, one of the great things about spun cotton balls is how easy it is to paint them. Almost any paint works and the balls dry in minutes because they are very absorbent.

How to make flower stamens

 I typically use enamel or acrylic paint because it has a good covering power.


It is also easy to add a high gloss finish. In the two pictures below, I used extreme glitter mod podge. After a few hours, the mod podge hardens to a beautiful glossy and glittery surface.


More tips and tricks


You can use a small spun cotton egg instead of a spun cotton ball for a more pointy stamen. I never tried spun cotton mushrooms but I bet they would work great too. They would make for a flatter style of stamen.

If you do no have any floral wire to make the stems you can use bamboo skewer sticks. It will give your flowers  modern look.

Here are a few more examples of flowers fashioned with spun cotton balls stamen. If you are interested in making the flowers, we have a tutorial that can be found here: how to make paper flowers.


how to make stamens paper flower 4

Here notice how we did not paint the flower stamens
(and the paper flowers still look great).


how to make stamens paper flower 3

This flower was made with fabric petals. 
The stamen is unpainted.


how to make stamens paper flower 2

These flower stamens were painted and glittered. 


how to make stamens paper flower 1

We used bamboo skewers to make these paper flowers. 


I hope you enjoyed this article and got some inspiration for your next paper flower projects. If you have any questions, as always, do not hesitate to get in touch. Happy crafting!

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