Spun Cotton Lemons / Turnips

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Blank spun cotton lemons made in Germany, 40mm long x 29mm wide (about 1 9/16 ” long  x  1 1/8″ wide).

Fashion your own miniature ornaments :

  • Perfect to make realistic looking faux fruits
  • Perfect to make shimmery vintage style ornaments.


vintage lemon ornament glass glittered

A lovely ornament made from our blank spun cotton lemons.
The lemon was glittered with German glass glitter
A faux stem, a hanging loop and a paper leaf were added

Working with  spun cotton lemon blanks – the basics

Like all of our shapes, lemon shapes are easy to work with. Any paint that works with paper will also work with them (we recommend a premium quality acrylic paint). You can also use any type of glitter as a finish (German glass glitter, metallic glitter, snow lookalike glitter, sugar lookalike glitter…).  To cover the lemons with glitter, just apply craft white glue with a paintbrush and sprinkle the glitter on the shapes. Let dry until the glue turns from white to clear. Voila!

Spun cotton lemons have a pointy tapered side. The other side has a hole in it in which a faux stem with leaves can be inserted.

TIP : The hole can also be used to hold the spun cotton lemons with a pick during the painting and decorating process. This way you won’t get any paint on your fingers.


how to make glittered lemon ornaments

Vintage style glass glitter lemon ornaments
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