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6 sizes available!

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Spun Cotton Bells at low, wholesale level prices. SPUNNYS bells are imported from a German family-owned manufacturer and come in 6 different sizes. They are great to make little ornaments and vintage style decorations. Paint them, add glitter, glue them to other materials – spun cotton bells are very versatile craft materials.



  • Smooth bell – extra small – 24 mm tall x ø 23 mm (a slightly different design compared to the 3 other smooth bells)
  • Smooth bell – small – 26 mm tall x ø 25 mm
  • Smooth bell – medium – 31 mm tall x ø 30 mm
  • Smooth bell – large – 39 mm tall x ø 38 mm
  • Ribbed bell – small – 21 mm tall x ø 20 mm
  • Ribbed bell – medium – 32 mm tall x ø 30 mm
  • Ribbed bell – large – 40 mm tall x ø 37 mm




Spun Cotton Bell
SPUNNYS small ribbed bell – 21mm tall x ø 20mm


Spun cotton bells sizes
From left to right:
Ribbed bells: Small – Medium – Large
Smooth bells: Medium – Large (the small smooth bell is not showing)


paper bell extra small
Smooth bells – extra small (notice the different style compared to other sizes)






Spun cotton ornaments christmas bells DIY
Spun Cotton Bell Ornaments
Ribbed bells – small


Christmas bell ornaments DIY craft project
SPUNNYS small ribbed bells have the manufacturing hole on top.
The medium and large ribbed bells have the hole on the bottom.


spun cotton ornaments Holidays painted bells DIY


cute reindeer ornament DIY craft idea
A small spun cotton ball was painted red and glued onto the bell





Spun Cotton Bells: Frequently Asked Questions


How to make hanging bell ornaments out of Spun Cotton Bells?

Spun cotton bells are very good materials to make hanging ornaments with: they are lightweight, they are easy to paint, and some of them (like the small ribbed bells) have the hole on top instead of at the bottom.

To attach a string hanging loop to a bell with the hole on top, simply fill the hole with glue and insert the string loop (preferably the end of the loop where the knot is).

The ornaments can then be finished with glitter and a clear coat such as a gloss medium. The gloss medium will make the bells shine and will prevent the glitter from falling off.


Are Spun Cotton Bells sturdy?

Spun cotton bells and spun cotton shapes in general are relatively sturdy because they have a solid core of paper. The smaller the shape, the sturdier.


What type of paint is recommended?

Any paint that works on paper will work on spun cotton shapes. We like to use acrylic paint because it dries very fast and once dry, it doubles as a protective layer around the shape.


How to easily paint a Spun Cotton Bell?

To easily paint a spun cotton bell, the best way is to insert a bamboo stick into the shape and use the stick as a handle. To let the bell dry, one can simply rest the stick in a container such as a tall glass.


How to easily glue Spun Cotton Bells onto other spun cotton shapes?

How to easily glue Spun Cotton Bells onto other spun cotton shapes?

A hot glue gun works wonders because hot glue dries very fast. The two shapes only have to be held together for a few seconds for a solid bond to create. We feel like tacky glue creates an even stronger bond (its more liquid consistency allows it to penetrate the fibers of the bell shapes a little deeper) but tacky glue doesn’t dry as fast.




Additional information

Bell style

Ribbed – large, Ribbed – medium, Ribbed – small, Smooth – large, Smooth – medium, Smooth – small, Smooth – extra small


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