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I am often amazed with the ideas our customers come up with. I see projects I would never have thought about, I see talent that is so much greater than my own, I see creative new ways of using the shapes. And I love it!

So do not hesitate, send me pictures of your creations and nothing will please me more than to feature them here.

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Some incredible work by polymer clay artist Jan Montarsi. Jan uses spun cotton balls to make hollow beads. You can see more of Jan’s work on his Facebook and Flickr pages.

Hollow bead clay DIY

Artist: Jan Montarsi. Submitted December 2015.



Some adorable Christmas ornaments by artist Kimberly Banca. Kim combined 20mm spun cotton balls and pipe cleaners. Spun cotton shapes and pipe cleaners work well together. All shapes have little holes on one side in which pipe cleaners can be inserted.

Skating pipe cleaner dolls

Artist: Kimberly Branca. Submitted December 2015. 


skating snowman ornament DIY

Artist: Kimberly Branca. Submitted December 2015. 


beautiful christmas ornaments DIY snowmen pipe cleaners

Artist: Kimberly Branca. Submitted December 2015. 



A very cute eskimo peg doll ornament by Colorado artist Abby Jacobs. Amy used a 51mm tall spun cotton peg doll.

arctic craft painted peg doll


Artist: Abby Jacobs. Submitted April 2013.



Some very creative work by San Diego artist and graphic designer Nick Lockheimers. Nick likes to combine dough (plasticine in this case) and spun cotton shapes. Dough and spun cotton shapes work well together because dough sticks very well to the surface of spun cotton shapes.

rocket shuttle craft ideas

60mm spun cotton egg, submitted May 2013.


More work by Nick Lockheimers:



A very impressive angel ornament project by tatting artist Sandy Cofer.

tatted angel spun cotton ball

Artist Sandy Cofer. Submitted March 2014


Angel heads tatted crochet

Sandy used spun cotton balls as fillers to make the angel heads.




A few children projects sent to us by the owners of Heartfelt LLC in Minneapolis. Heartfelt is a charming and one of a kind store running craft classes and workshops.

Painted peg dolls rabbits

40mm tall peg dolls.


Painted peg dolls cat dog

51mm, 40mm, and 55mm tall peg dolls


Easter craft ideas painted eggs




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