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Spun Cotton Mushrooms


11 sizes to choose from!

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Spun Cotton Mushrooms at wholesale level prices!  SPUNNYS mushrooms are sold blank (unpainted) and are very easy to decorate. Use any paint, markers, or crayons. Great to make vintage style ornaments. Manufactured in Germany.


Lots of sizes available! 


Spun cotton mushrooms Spunnys

SPUNNYS spun cotton mushrooms come in many shapes and sizes


Our most popular sizes:


spun cotton mushroom 60 tall ø 39

Everybody loves our 60mm tall x ø 39mm cap mushroom
A large size mushroom with beautiful proportions
(And it stands up on its own)


spun cotton mushroom 40 tall ø 35

SPUNNYS 40mm tall x ø 35mm cap mushroom.


spun cotton mushroom 30 tall ø 30

Spunnys 30mm tall x ø 30mm cap mushroom


spun cotton mushroom 30 tall ø25

SPUNNYS 30mm tall x ø 25mm cap mushroom
Our personal favorite


spun cotton mushroom 13 tall ø11

SPUNNYS 13mm tall x ø 11mm cap mushroom
A tiny size mushroom



More product pictures:






Spun Cotton Mushrooms: Project Examples



Swarovski crystal encrusted mushroom pendant tutorial

Swarovski encrusted mushroom ornament
11mm tall x ø 10mm cap mushroom


mushroom necklace pendant tutorial

Mushroom necklace pendants
16mm tall x ø 12mm cap mushrooms


German spun cotton mushrooms

German spun cotton mushroom ornaments
30mm tall x ø 25mm cap mushrooms


Spun cotton mushrooms DIY tutorial

Once painted, mushrooms can be dipped in mod podge for a glossy finish


nail polish creative ideas mushroom ornament painting

No paint at home? no problem :)
11mm tall x ø 10mm cap mushroom


spun cotton mushroom ornaments how to paint

Regular cotton swabs work great to paint dots
30mm tall x ø 25mm cap mushroom


Spun Cotton Mushrooms: Frequently Asked Questions


Can Spun Cotton Mushrooms be painted?

Absolutely. For example, with SPUNNYS blank mushrooms, one can create mushroom ornaments that are similar to the “store bought” decorative mushrooms (often referred to as German Spun Cotton Mushrooms). To recreate the look of “store bought” mushrooms, we recommend using enamel paint and a thick glossy finish such as mod podge.

Should a clear coat finish be used?

Yes, if you would like to give your mushrooms a lacquered finish or if you would like to protect them from getting dirty over time.

Any tips to help with the painting process?

To paint the mushrooms with ease and precision, insert a bamboo stick in their stems. Then hold your brush in one hand and the stick in the other hand. It’s particularly useful to paint along the edge of the mushroom caps. One simply needs to spin the bamboo stick while holding the brush still against the mushroom. Once painted, to let the paint dry, simply rest the sticks in a container so nothing will get in contact with the mushrooms while they dry.

Does each mushroom size have a slightly different shape?

Yes, each mushroom size has a slightly different shape. For example, the 35mm mushroom is not a larger replica of the 25mm mushroom. The 35mm has a flatter cap and a sharper edge compared to the 25mm mushroom.

What can I make with blank spun cotton mushrooms?

The sky is the limit, there are so many possibilities, so many home decor projects. You could make beautiful colorful spun cotton mushroom ornaments (often called German spun cotton mushrooms). You could make Jewelry such as earrings and necklace pendants. You could insert a floral stem in the mushrooms and add them to floral arrangements. You could draw faces on the mushrooms. You could make Christmas decorations: insert one end of a pipe cleaner in a mushroom and wrap the other end around a Christmas tree branch. You could make vintage inspired Victorian ornaments – cover them with sugar glitter and add a metal hanging loop on top. You could make cupcake toppers by displaying them on a wooden toothpick. You could create a little enchanted forest scene to display on a shelf: start with a little moss, add a few painted mushrooms, add elves, gnomes, fairies. Time to get creative!


Final Note:


Did you know? SPUNNYS spun cotton half balls (hemispheres) make great mushroom caps.

They can be glued onto other spun cotton shapes to create beautiful mushroom ornaments. For example, in the picture below, we used a ø 70mm half-ball glued onto a small eggman figurine (see our spun cotton peg doll page). Eggman figurines work great as mushroom stipes because they have a flat base, allowing them to stand upright.


Fake realistic mushroom craft project

Realistic looking mushroom ornament
ø 70mm half ball on top of a SPUNNYS eggman figurine.
Type of paint used: acrylic



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  1. Roth

    Great variety of sizes! The mushrooms were very easy to paint. Thank you!

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