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Christmas pipe cleaner ornaments – DIY project ideas

Christmas pipe cleaner ornaments

Plenty of project pictures to get you inspired. 

Pipe cleaners (aka chenille stems) are a great source of Christmas ornament DIYs and beautiful craft ideas.

They are lightweight, they are easy to work with, they can be bent and twisted any desired way, and they come in many sizes and textures (regular, plush, sparkly, bump…). I love pipe cleaners.

Pipe cleaners and spun cotton shapes work great together.

To make Christmas ornaments, I use pipe cleaner in combination with spun cotton shapes (spun cotton balls, spun cotton eggs…). Spun cotton shapes can be used to make heads, bodies, or even hats. And they have a little hole in which a pipe cleaner can be inserted (so no glue is needed). The shapes are also very easy to paint or draw on.

Pipe cleaner santa

Santa pipe cleaner ornament

Below you will find plenty of Christmas pipe cleaner ornament project ideas. They are just pictures, not the full tutorials, but do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. I also listed a few tips and tricks at the end of this page.

Get inspired – project idea pictures: 

pipe cleaner santas vintage bump chenille DIY

Vintage Santas – Christmas pipe cleaner ornaments
25mm spun cotton eggs, bump chenille, regular chenille

Pipe cleaner santa claus ornaments easy christmas DIY

The vintage santa ornaments in three different colors
The heads were made with spun cotton eggs (25mm tall)

pipe cleaner santa claus craft project ideas

The head of the miniature Santa is made with a spun cotton cone (15mm) glued on top of a spun cotton ball (15mm)

vintage inspired santa ornament pipe cleaner folk art

Vintage inspired Santa

Vintage style pipe cleaner angel ornament Christmas

 Angel – Christmas pipe cleaner ornament
Spun cotton peg doll, lace, bump chenille, gold pipe cleaner

Santa Claus Christmas pipe cleaner ornament

Santa Claus with a pipe cleaner hat. 47 mm tall spun cotton peg doll. 

Christmas gnome pipe cleaner ornament

Forest gnome – 47 mm spun cotton peg doll

Vintage inspired bump chenille pipe clenaer Christmas ornaments

Vintage inspired Eskimo spun cotton ornaments

Christmas crafts pipe cleaner ornaments

Snowman Christmas pipe cleaner ornament and candy cane scarf

The following eskimos are made with plush pipe cleaner:

arctic crafts pipe cleaner figure

 Christmas pipe cleaner Eskimo ornament

Tips and tricks to make your own pipe cleaner Christmas ornaments:

pipe cleaner man candy cane scarf christmas ornament DIY

Tip #1: It’s ok if you don’t twist and bend your pipe cleaners in the exact same fashion as I did. Your christmas ornaments will look great no matter what.

Tip #2: To make your Christmas pipe cleaner ornaments even softer, you could use “plush” pipe cleaners. It will make the ornaments soft and fluffy.

Tip #3: To make your ornaments look cute, one trick is to use small size spun cotton shapes. For the eskimos for example, I used 12mm spun cotton balls. I feel like miniature anything is almost always cute.

Tip #3: To make the candy cane and the scarf, all you have to do is twist two pipe cleaners into one.

Tip #4: To twist pipe cleaners together, use a pair of pliers. It’s easier on the fingers. I like the round nose pliers because they are also useful to bend pipe cleaners into perfect loops.

Tip #5: To draw the face of your Christmas pipe cleaner ornaments, a regular ball pen works great. There is no need for any special tool.

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pipe cleaner teddy bears

If you like crafting with pipe cleaners and you are looking for more ornament ideas, here is another tutorial that you may enjoy:

ridiculously cute pipe cleaner animals DIY

I hope you found these ideas creative and I hope you are ready to start making your own Christmas pipe cleaner ornaments. I wish you a lot of fun and as always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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