Monster eggs – A simple Halloween DIY

monster eggs Halloween DIY project idea

How about painting eggs for Halloween?
This is a fast and simple DIY that only requires a few materials. These eggs could be displayed on sticks (see the picture below), or they could be glued onto cardboard pieces so that they stand up on their own, or they could even be hung from the ceiling.

monster eggs Halloween DIY craft idea

Project Materials

Spun cotton eggs. They come in several sizes. I am using the 60mm eggs. They are made of paper which makes them very easy to paint.
– Paint and brushes
– Bamboo skewers

blank spun cotton eggs

Spun cotton eggs are easy to paint and come in many sizes. 
They also all have a hole at the bottom which makes them easy to hang.

Painting the eggs.

Almost any paint will work. If it works on paper, it works on spun cotton. I like acrylic because it dries fast and once dry, it helps to waterproof the egg a little.

Instead of using your fingers to hold the eggs while painting them, you can use a bamboo skewer. Every spun cotton egg has a little hole on the bottom.

Once you are done painting, you can rest the stick in a container to let the paint dry. A tall glass or a mug works great. Because spun cotton shapes are very absorbent, paint dries very fast. 10 minutes should suffice.

Spun cotton egg

 The easiest way to paint spun cotton eggs is to mount them on sticks.

Going one step further

If this seems a little too basic, there are many ways to make this DIY a little more complex.

– Little accessories could be added to the eggs. A scarf could be made of paper, clothes could be made of fabric and glued on…

– The eggs could be decorated with glitter or sequin.

– Other spun cotton shapes could be glued onto the eggs. For example, spun cotton balls could be used to make little eyes.

There are many ways to get creative. I probably only scratched the surface but hopefully it will give you some ideas already. I hope you enjoyed this page and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment.  Happy crafting!

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