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How to make a mushroom necklace pendant

homemade Swarovski crystal encrusted mushroom pendant

One very easy way to make beautiful and elegant mushroom necklace pendants is to use blank spun cotton mushrooms as base materials. These cute little blank mushrooms are made of paper, they are lightweight (yet sturdy) and they are very easy to paint and work with.

mushroom necklace pendant tutorial

In this tutorial, I made three little mushroom pendants: one green and two reds. However, you can of course make yours any color you want.
You can also customize your mushroom charms any way you want: add more white dots, paint the stems a different color, add glitter and sparkle to the caps – anything. You can even encrust them with Swarovski crystals to make them look fancy and sophisticated.

And if you like mushroom jewelry, it would be very easy to use the same technique to make mushroom earrings, mushroom bracelets, or anything mushroom. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

Project materials: 

– Blank spun cotton mushrooms (I used the 12mm mushrooms, the second smallest size available).
– Your choice of paint (any paint that works on paper will also work on spun cotton).
– A high gloss varnish.
– A few jewelry eye pins.
– A jewelry plier set (flat nose, round nose and side cutters). If you do not own a jewelry set, you could get away with just a pair of wire cutters.
– A few toothpicks or bamboo skewers.
– A safety pin.


Here is a detailed pictorial followed by written instructions.

mushroom necklace pendant DIY pictures

1/ Gather all your materials.

2/ With a safety pin, make a hole that goes from the mushroom caps all the way to the other end of the mushrooms. It’s much easier to do than it sounds because the mushroom stems are mostly hollow.

3/ Make sure that the holes are wide enough to fit the eye pins (try to insert the eye pins to check). The eye pins need to slide in the mushrooms with ease. If they don’t, you need to increase the size of the holes a little. You can try to jiggle the safety pin in the holes or just use a larger safety pin.

4/ With the wire cutter, shorten your eye pins. They need to be a little shorter than the mushrooms.

5 to 7/ Don’t throw away the pieces of excess wire. With the round nose plier, bend them into little “p” letters.  It takes a little practice but it’s very easy once you get the hang of it. Cut off the excess wire.

8/ Make sure you have all the hardware you need. For 3 mushrooms, I have 3 shortened eye pins and 3 little loops.

9 and 10/ Paint the caps of your mushrooms. I like to use a bamboo skewer to hold the mushrooms while I paint them. The skewers also double as neat resting stands while the paint dries.

11/ When the paint is dry, paint little white dots on each mushrooms.

12 and 13/ When the dots are dry, dip each of the mushrooms into a gloss varnish. I dipped them all the way to the bottom of the stems. I then removed the excess varnish that was on the stems with a clean brush. However, I didn’t remove any varnish from the mushroom caps.

14/ While the varnish is still wet, insert the shortened eye pins into the mushrooms caps. Push down on the pins to make sure the eye parts get in contact with the varnish. This was the trickiest part for me because you don’t want to touch the varnish while you insert the pins. While the varnish dries, keep your mushroom as upright as possible otherwise the varnish may be thicker on one side of the cap than on the other.

15/ When the varnish is dry (it may take a few hours, maybe even an entire day depending on what varnish you used) add the little loops to each of your mushrooms. I used two pliers to open and close the loops.

16/ Tear drop finish (OPTIONAL). When you are done, you can dip the bottom of the mushroom pendant into mod podge and let it dry in an upright position. It will cover the hole at the bottom of the mushroom and give it a nice tear drop finish.

mushroom pendant DIY ornament


VARIANT: Swarovski crystal mushroom necklace pendant. 

Feeling fancy schmancy?

You could encrust your blank mushroom with Swarovski crystals :)

Mushroom jewelry swarovski pendant charm DIY
homemade swarovski crystal encrusted mushroom pendant fancy

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and got some inspiration for your next projects. Let us know if you have any questions!

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