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Ghost crafts: 3 easy Halloween ornament ideas

Easy halloween ghost craft ideas

In this tutorial, learn how to make spooky little ghost ornaments. They can be hung from the ceiling, from an old candle chandelier, outside on your front porch, in your backyard – anywhere.

ghost craft idea halloween

To make the ghost heads, I used spun cotton balls (and spun cotton eggs). They are very lightweight and work great for the purpose of this craft. Plus spun cotton shapes all have a little hole on one side in which a piece of string can be inserted and glued. Foam balls or styrofoam balls could be used too but spun cotton balls have the advantage of being more natural craft products. To make the drape covers, I used different materials. I made one ghost with a pillowcase, one ghost with cheesecloth, and one ghost with paper streamers. Note that you can be very creative with this craft idea. You do not have to follow these instructions to the letter. You can use different size balls, different materials, glow in the dark paint – anything.


  • Your choice of spun cotton balls or spun cotton eggs. I used 45 mm spun cotton balls for the pillowcases and crepe streamer ghosts and I used a 60mm tall spun cotton egg for the cheese cloth ghost.
  • Depending on which ghost(s) you want to make, your choice of white fabric (old T-shirt, old pillow case), cheesecloth, or crepe streamer.
ghost craft ornaments materials
  • black marker and pencil.
  • mod podge or similar.
  • A few feet of fishing line.
  • Glue gun. Note that you coud also use some regular white craft glue but the whole project would then take much longer.
  • A good pair of scissors.
  • A rubber band (for the cheesecloth ghost).


The following first 2 steps are the same for the three types of ghosts.

  1. Attach the fishing line to the ball (or to the egg). This is easy to do because spun cotton shapes (balls, eggs…) all have a small hole on one side. Insert one end of the line in the hole and pour hot glue. Regular white craft glue can also be used but it will take a lot longer to dry.
  2. Draw a face onto the ball with the black marker. you can use the pictures in this tutorial for inspiration.
homemade ghost monster skull ornament tutorial DIY

The ghost ornaments without the cover on top


Pillowcase ghost ornament Halloween DIY craft ideas tutorial
  1. Build the ghost drape. Cover the ball with an old pillowcase (corner on top). Make a tiny hole in the corner for the line to go through. Cut the pillowcase to the desired length.  Finish the ghost drape by making the fringes: cut off long triangle pieces.
  2. Make two holes in the fabric for the eyes. To do so, cover the ball with the pillowcase, mark the location of the eyes on the pillowcase with a pencil, remove the pillowcase and cut two little holes with a pair of scissors.
  3. Brush a little mod podge over the ball, cover with the pillowcase and make sure the eyes are aligned with the holes. Let dry.



Cheesecloth ghost craft ideas Halloween ornaments
  1. Cut the cheesecloth into 2 rectangles 2 ft x 1 ft. Cover the ball with the cheesecloth pieces and wrap a rubber band around the ball to keep the cheesecloth in place. The fishing line goes through the middle of each piece of cheesecloth. Brush mod podge over the cheesecloth pieces. When dry, remove the rubber band.
  2. Cut out stripes into the bottom of  the cheesecloth.
  3. If the eyes don’t show through the cheesecloth (because they are covered with mod podge), you can re-draw them with the black marker over the cheesecloth



crepe streamers ghost ornament Halloween craft ideas
  1. Cut 6 stripes of crepe paper, about 2 feet long. Make a tiny hole in the center of each of them for the fishing line to go through.
  2. Brush a little mod podge on the top half of the ghost’s head. Slide a stripe of crepe streamer down the line until it rests on the ghost head.  Brush a little mod podge over the piece of crepe streamer.  Repeat with the 5 other pieces.  Make sure each piece sits at a different angle.
  3. Re-draw the mouth and eyes with the black marker over the crepe streamer drape.
  4. Finish the drape by cutting fringes at the bottom of the drape. [divider_flat]

This is all there is to it. These are all very easy craft ideas and the ghost ornaments look really great in the house.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and as always if you would like to share your ideas or ask questions, do not hesitate to use the comment section below. Happy crafting and Happy Halloween!


You could also make Halloween ghost ornaments from our little spun cotton peg doll blank figure shapes.

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