How to make Spooky Halloween Figurines from spun cotton figurine blanks – DIY Tutorial

Spooky Halloween figurines DIY tutorial

Check out our easy tutorial and learn how to make your own Spooky Halloween Figurines from blank, ready to paint spun cotton figurines.

Halloween figurines DIY – materials

Blank peg people dolls
  • A pencil to outline.
  • A clear finish such as mod podge. It will protect your Halloween figurines for a long time.
  • A few wooden picks to hold your figurines while you paint them.
  • A black ball pen to draw lines an face details.

Painting tips and directions

Always outline your Halloween figurines with a pencil before painting with acrylic. If you are not happy with the outline, just use a regular eraser and start over.

Never rush. Let the paint dry before painting over it.

You can work on 2 projects at a time so you can paint one figurine while the other one dries.

Spun cotton figurine blanks do not require two coats of paint. There is also no need to prime them.

Use a ball-pen to draw lines instead of trying to paint them with a brush. For example, we used a regular ball pen to draw the mouth line of the scary clown figurine below.

scary clown peg doll

You are now ready to paint your own Halloween figurines :) But as always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to help. Happy Halloween and happy painting! 

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