Spun Cotton Balls for DIY Crafts


Spun Cotton Balls can be purchased individually or in packs and assortments. Check out our complete offering below:

We carry all sizes from tiny ø6 mm to ø45 mm. Larger sizes (50mm, 60mm, 70mm) can be manufactured upon request (minimum quantities apply).

We also carry hemispheres (half balls) with diameters ranging from ø 16 to ø 70 mm.

Spun Cotton Balls for DIY Crafts

Main Characteristics

  • All spheres are made of paper and are 100% plastic free.
  • They can be painted on directly, no need for any primer.
  • They are Lightweight but sturdy.
  • Glue adheres to them very strongly because of the spheres fibrous texture.
  • A versatile product with endless uses. They are used mostly for arts and crafts (paper flowers, ornaments…) but some people find very creative ways of using them (essential oils dispensers, seed growing medium…)
  • All balls have a small hole on one side. You can mount them on toothpicks in order to paint them.

Spun Cotton Balls Project Examples

You can make :

Metric (mm) to US inches („) conversion chart

metric (mm)681012152025
US inches („)15/645/1625/6415/3219/3225/321
metric (mm)303540455060
US inches („)1 3/16 1 3/81 37/64 1 49/641 31/32 2 23/64

Wholesale buyers and business clients

We are happy to provide very competitive wholesale prices to our customers who purchase in large quantities.

Minimum order quantities : 5000 pieces for each reference ordered.

Lead time : about 1.5 month

Wholesale prices do not include shipping (but we are happy to send you our best estimate). Exact shipping costs will be calculated at the time of packing the order.

For wholesale inquiries and quotes, please email us at contact@spunnys.com

Happy Crafting with SPUNNYS