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DIY tutorial: Make cute decorative owl figurines

Owl figurine DIY

A clear and simple step by step tutorial

Owls have been a great source of inspiration when it comes to decorating the home. One can find owl figurines, owl pillows, owl glasses, owl ornaments, owl blankets…

Today, I made a cute little owl figurine. It didn’t take long at all and it turned out pretty good. I painted it in gold paint to give it a precious look. I think a white owl would look very elegant too and it may be my next project.

Doesn’t it look adorable? 

How to make an owl ornament home decor

Project Materials

Only a few materials are needed.

  • SPUNNYS Eggman figurines. These blank bodies come in different sizes. I used a large size (72mm which is about 2 3/4 inches). These shapes look like eggs but with a flat bottom so that they can stand up on their own. Like any spun cotton shapes, they are very easy to paint and most paints work.
  • Paint and brushes. I used 5 paint colors (Gold, Ivory, light brown, saffron, and black). Feel free to use the same colors or pick your own colors (I won’t be offended). Most paints work. I typically use acrylic or enamel.
  • A pencil to outline the facial features of the owl prior to painting.
  • A bamboo skewer. SPUNNYS spun cotton figurine bodies all have a little hole at the bottom. A bamboo skewer can easily be inserted. When painting, one can then hold the bamboo skewer instead of the shape.

Step by step tutorial 

STEP 1: Paint the whole spun cotton shape with one color. Note that my paintbrush is a little small for the job and a larger brush would have made the job easier and faster.

Tip: The paint can be poured directly from the tube onto the shape.

Spun cotton egg with flat top
How to make an owl figurine easy craft idea

STEP 2: Outline the face of the owl and the beak with the pencil. Don’t press too hard on the pencil or it may dent the spun cotton (and if you are using a light paint color, the pencil outline may show through). When the outline is done, the face and the beak can be painted.

Tip 1: For your first owl, I recommend using the paint straight out of the tube (vs making a custom color by mixing two colors). This way if you have to touch up your owl later on, the same exact color can be used again.

Tip 2: The back of an old envelope can be used as a cheap paint palette. No need to go fancy!

Tip 3: A small tiny brush works best for the beak. If you do not have one, a black fine point marker works fine too.

Spun cotton owl figurine DIY

STEP 3: When the face and the beak are dry, paint two discs (outline first with a pencil).

Blank unpainted owl figurines

STEP 4: When the two discs are dry, paint the eye irises. I painted mine yellow. At this point, without the pupils, the owl figurine will look pretty scary.

Owl figurine DIY tutorial

STEP 5: Finish by painting the eye pupils. I painted mine black so they stand out.

Owl figurine DIY tutorial home decor

The spun cotton bodies come in different sizes. 


This wasn’t too difficult wasn’t it? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope you found some inspiration for your own owl figurine projects.

Note that SPUNNYS figurine bodies can be used for much more than just owl figurines. They could be used to make penguins, animals, cartoon characters, super heroes, even walruses!

As  always, if you have a questions, do not hesitate to use the comment section below. Happy crafting!

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