How to make Claymation Action Figures with spun cotton shapes as fillers

How to make claymation figures spun cotton filler

Check out our tutorial and learn how you can make claymation figures using spun cotton shapes as lightweight fillers.

All the projects presented here are courtesy of graphic artist Nick Lockheimers ( )

Project Materials

  • Spun cotton shapes. Your choice of balls, eggs, rolls, teardrop shapes, and much more. Spun cotton shapes are made of paper and „grip“ very well to clay. They are sturdy and lightweight.
  • Modeling clay. Nick uses plasticine.
  • Creativity (as much as you want).

The basic technique

Just integrate the spun cotton shapes directly into your plasticine / modeling clay projects. The shapes can be used „raw“, without any preparation.

For the centaur project presented above, Nick used a ø 30 mm spun cotton ball hidden inside the rump.

Alternate technique

Instead of using the shapes as fillers, you can also use them directly as „action figures“.

For example, in the movie set below, the spun cotton shapes are the action figures and clay is used only to accessorize

claymation figurines plasticine film crew

In the 3 examples below, the eggs are the action figures and clay is used to accessorize. Nick used Tempura paint to paint the eggs.

plasticine count dracula halloween claymation
Octopus Claymation DIY
plasticine space rocket craft

I hope you enjoyed this page and found some inspiration for your projects. As always, do not hesitate to send us your questions.

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