Spun Cotton Fruits and Veggies


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Spunnys spun cotton fruits and vegetables are imported from Germany and sold blank (unpainted). They are easy to paint (see tips below) and all have a little hole on one end in which a floral stem can be inserted.

Easily make your own unique millinery fruits and veggies, create beautiful vintage compositions, craft your own christmas tree ornaments…



  • MINI PUMPKINS 15mm tall x 22mm wide . These blank shapes look like miniature pin cushions and would also work great to make apples, small tomatoes, doughnut peaches, turnips, rutabagas…
  • MINI TOMATOES 22mm tall x 28mm wide. These shapes look a little like mini ovnis.
  • MINI APPLES 42mm tall x 41mm wide.
  • MINI PEARS 51mm tall x 42mm wide.
    • 30mm tall x 10mm wide. A mini carrot. These  shapes are elongated and would also be great for corn cobs, chili peppers, yams, bananas, cucumbers…
    • 52mm tall x 17mm wide. A much larger carrot. The “typical” carrots shape.


    spun cotton pear
    Spun cotton pear – 51mm tall x 42mm wide (stem and leaf not included)


    Miniature pear unfinished
    Spun cotton pear – 51mm tall x 42mm wide


    Spun cotton apple
    Spun Cotton Apple – 42 tall x 41 wide (stem and leaf not included)


    Miniature apple unfinished
    Spun Cotton Apple – 42 tall x 41 wide
    Notice the cute dimple at the bottom.


    spun cotton carrot unfinished
    Spun Cotton Carrott – 52mm tall x 17mm wide


    Spun Cotton Pumpkin – 15mm tall x 22mm wide


    Spun cotton tomato blank
    Spun Cotton Tomato – 22mm tall x 28mm wide


    Spun cotton carrot blank
    Spun Cotton Carrot – 30mm tall x 10mm wide




    For example:

    • Small size spun cotton balls work great to make green peas or any kind of berries: blueberries, red currants, black currants… They are also perfect for holly berries and mistletoe.



    Within our teardrop shape category:

    • Spunnys “light bulb” shapes can be used to make miniature eggplants
    • Spunnys “menhir” shapes can be used to make small carrots as well
    • Spunnys “small bulb” shapes can be used to make turnips
    • Spunnys “tree bud” shapes can be used to make radishes
    • Spunnys “perfect teardrop” shapes can be used to make rose hips and hot chili peppers



    miniature vegetable ornaments DIY
    From left to right:
    Spunnys “small bulb” shape (turnip), Spunnys “light bulb” shape (eggplant), and Spunnys “menhir” shape (carrot)



    DIY spun cotton fruits vegetables
    From left to right:
    Spunnys “tree bud” shape (radish), Spunnys pumpkin shape (pumpkin), Spunnys pumpkin shape (tomato), Spunnys carrot shape (carrot)



    How to paint spun cotton fruits and vegetables 


    Spun cotton shapes are very easy to paint and most art materials will work (we tried acrylic paint, crayons, watercolor, glass paint, enamel paint, spray paint, even nail polish and all work fine). The shapes can also be decorated with glitter or dusted with mica flakes to give them a shimmery effect.

    For a beautiful finish, the spun cotton fruits and veggies can be lacquered, varnished, or dipped in glossy mod podge. For a food safe finish, we recommend the use of a shellac spray.

    TIP:  To avoid getting your fingers dirty with paint, you can hold the shapes via wooden sticks (such as bamboo skewers). The wooden sticks also come in handy to rest the shapes while they dry (drying only takes a few minutes).


    Spun cotton ornaments vegetables DIY
    Wooden sticks work great to hold the spun cotton fruits and veggies


    TIP: For a realistic look, do not hesitate to dent the spun cotton shapes prior to painting them. You can use your finger nails, a metal ruler, a spoon – anything. We used this technique to make our carrots and the pumpkin.


    How to make miniature stems, greens and leaves: 


    Each fruit and veggie blank has a little hole on top making it easy to insert materials such as stem wires, pipe cleaners, little wooden twigs…

    To make miniature stems, floral stem wire (the kraft paper covered kind) works very well because it looks realistic and it can be painted any color. Use a good pair of wire cutters when working with stem wire and don’t forget to wear eye protection (small pieces of wire have a tendency to fly off when snapped).

    To make miniature veggie greens and veggie leaves, we started with painting regular paper (on its two sides). We then cut out leave shapes into the paper,  glued them to small pieces of stem wire, and inserted the wires into the blank shapes.

    Both crepe streamer paper and plain regular paper can be used. Crepe streamer paper is a little more fragile than plain regular paper. However, the wrinkles on the crepe paper give it a more realistic look.


    millinery fruits vegetables DIY craft idea
    Crepe streamer paper was used for the greens (notice the wrinkles)


    Do not hesitate to send us your questions. We are passionate about Spun Cotton Shapes and are always happy to help.


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