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Craft blanks affordable

Craft Blanks by SPUNNYS – discover our affordable craft shapes

Spunnys craft blanks are an affordable alternative to plastic shapes that won’t end up floating on our oceans. They are made with paper! Come discover our products! About Spunnys Spunnys is the online paper shapes specialist. Established in 2013, we cater to both businesses and private parties. Our selection of craft blanks includes over a […]

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How to paint peg doll people

How to paint peg dolls (wooden or paper): tips and tricks

The following tips and tricks apply to both wooden peg dolls and spun cotton peg dolls (aka paper peg dolls).   Painting peg dolls is a lot of fun and it’s a very creative activity. Blank paint dolls can be painted after family members, pets, super heroes, school teachers….The sky is the limit. Peg dolls can also […]

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DIY hanging ornaments angel square

DIY hanging ornaments – Have you tried spun cotton shapes?

When it comes to making DIY hanging ornaments, using spun cotton shapes as base materials is a very easy way to go. And it makes for beautiful results.       Spun cotton shapes VS The traditional materials The internet is full of tutorials and wonderful creative ideas to make beautiful hanging ornaments. But these tutorial […]

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SPUNNYS new pricing featured pic

2017 – introducing our new pricing – UP TO 45% LOWER

As of 2017, Spunnys has adopted a new model. Prices have been lowered by up to 45%, shipping is now managed out of our new SPUNNYS FRANCE location,  a $100 minimum order amount has been introduced, and a super saver $20 flat fee international shipping rate (even for large heavy orders) is now in effect.   […]

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wooden peg doll vs spun cotton

Wooden peg dolls vs paper peg dolls – a comparison

Peg dolls are great. They are a fun way to express one’s creativity. They can be painted into almost anything: people, animals, famous characters, monsters, princesses, elfs, fairies… They can be used as ornaments, decorations for the house, art pieces, chess pieces… And they are relatively inexpensive. Peg dolls are most often made of wood. But other types […]

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Spun cotton ornaments mushrooms

How to make spun cotton ornaments (the easy way)

NO wire and NO cotton batting   There is something magical about spun cotton ornaments. Maybe because they are often associated with the Holidays or maybe because they often look like they come right out of a fairy tale. However, making your own spun cotton ornaments from scratch can be a long process. It typically involves creating a metal wire […]

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Foam ball vs spun cotton

Craft Foam Balls vs Spun Cotton Balls: which ones to use?

Foam balls and spun cotton balls are both very useful when it comes to arts, crafts and  decorations. So much can be done with them. In terms of pricing: they are fairly similar (i.e.: inexpensive). So which ones should you use? Can they be used interchangeably? Should you use one kind for certain crafts and the other kind for […]

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Spun cotton shapes Spunnys

Spun cotton shapes: Craft project ideas

Spun cotton shapes are  wonderful arts and crafts supplies. They are lightweight, they are smooth, easy to paint, and they adhere well to glue. Spun cotton shapes are often used to make ornaments. This is great and they are certainly a great fit when it comes to ornament making. However, they have so much more potential. […]

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How to make flower stamens easy

How to make flower stamens (a simple method)

Flower stamens can be purchased in craft stores but making your own is fast, easy, and inexpensive. All you need to make beautiful and elegant flower stamens are spun cotton balls. The stamens of these paper flowers were made with spun cotton balls.   Directions   Making your own stamens is easy. There are only 3 […]

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3d wall decor ideas spun cotton balls

3D wall decor ideas: Create art with spun cotton balls

Spun cotton balls are a great choice when it comes to decorating walls. They are inexpensive They are very lightweight They come in over a dozen different sizes They adhere very strongly to glue (tacky glue works fine) And most importantly: they are a natural art supply. Spun cotton balls come in plenty of different […]

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